Wednesday, December 15, 2010


My five year anniversary was coming up, and this year I decided to be a kick ass girlfriend and have a custom pipe made. I went to CrippleCreekGlass on Etsy is website where crafters all over the world make and sell goodies from their own little shop. I have one too! CrippleCreekGlass is owned by a couple in Northern California. They hand make glass pipes, jars and even some jewelry. They have great prices too! They can cost anywhere between $15-$25 depending on what you are getting. I pretty much refuse to buy any at a smoke shop now. Etsy sellers are known for selling top of the line products because they are handmade. They also usually cost more. But in this circumstance CrippleCreekGlass beats out most SmokeShops, in my opinion. I will definitely be ordering from there again.

Some of their work...

-Keefy Buddz

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