Thursday, March 17, 2011

Corked Glass AshTray

Corked Ashtray by Glashtrays on

There are some people who like to tap out their cashed bowl into their ashtray. Tapping it along the side, glass on glass is a sound I don't like to hear. I take really good care of all my glass pieces and tapping them on a glass ashtray is not something I do, for fear of them breaking.
But someone was smart enough to find a solution to the problem. A corked ashtray. Never again will your pipes break from tapping your bowl out. The ashtray features a cork knob in the middle and a cork lining around the rim. Which make it perfect for tapping out bowls without the fear of breaking your glass pipe. Another good thing about this ashtray, is that it doesn't scream "pothead", just "style".

You can get your very own ashtray from Glashtrays on Etsy.

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